A new film about the management of mental illness in young Americans

10 p.m. Tuesday & Wednesday HIDING IN SIGHT: YOUTH MENTAL ILLNESS Culture – A four-hour, two-part documentary about America’s mental health crisis.

Follow the journeys of more than 20 young Americans from across the country and from all walks of life, who have struggled with thoughts and feelings that have confused and, at times, overwhelmed them. Hiding in Plain Sight presents an unflinching look at both the seemingly insurmountable obstacles faced by those living with mental illness and the hope many have found after this storm.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Youth Mental Illness

HIDING IN SIGHT: YOUTH MENTAL ILLNESS features first-person accounts from more than 20 young people, ages 11 to 27, living with mental health issues, as well as parents, teachers, friends, healthcare providers in their lives and independent mental health experts.

The film presents an unvarnished window into daily life with mental health issues, ranging from seemingly insurmountable obstacles to stories of hope and resilience. Through the experiences of these young people, the film confronts the issues of stigma, discrimination, awareness and silence and, in doing so, contributes to changing the public perception of mental health issues today.

PART 1 – THE STORM broadcast on Tuesday
The Storm, the first two-hour episode of Hiding in Plain Sight, focuses on over twenty young people who offer an intimate look at what it’s like to experience the symptoms of mental illness, from depression to drug addiction. suicidal thoughts. The film includes insights from families, providers and advocates and explores the impact of childhood trauma, stigma and social media.

PART 2 – RESILIENCE aired Wednesday
In Resilience, the second episode of Hiding in Plain Sight, our “heroes” talk about finding help and inpatient and/or outpatient care. It also explores the criminalization of mental illness, the tragedy of youth suicide, and the “double stigma” that occurs when mental illness is associated with racial or gender discrimination. Throughout, interviewees demonstrate the power of resilience and hope.

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