Wickerwork – Cooperation: Soften your Up- Hair Do's

Wickerwork – Cooperation: Soften your Up-Do’s 

Resulta ng larawan para sa Wickerwork - Cooperation: Soften your Updos

Today, there is the third of our cooperation post with my two girls from the wickerwork 🙂 So beautiful and practical updos with changing hair accessories are – from the front, we usually all look the same, if the hair is pulled back tight, the Fraeulein Biedermeier look is sometimes ok but every day? But that does not have to be so 🙂 Today we present you several variations on how to make a Dutt gentler and still protects his hair. There are different variants – from elegant to playful, romantic and classic. So much for the annoying criticism of people who nobody asks and who know everything better: You look so strict / professional / omnipresent. Rest back ^ ^


1. Elegant Side-BUN Here it is important to draw a deep side parting, the hair can be glazed with a little AO hair gel or a simple aloe vera gel, in the length comes some coconut oil for the shine. Twirl the hair sideways to a cinnamon and fix it with cute hair ornaments. I took a Mega Flexi in Multiarray Cluster here. (one of my favorite flexi)
Resulta ng larawan para sa Wickerwork - Cooperation: Soften your Updos 
2. Messy Bun with romantic beaches Pull some straps out of a loose ponytail, twirl the hair into a loose MessyBun and pin it to a LWB with a hair stick. If you want, you can turn the front pony hair into a small “buff” at the beginning and fix it with Bobbypins.

3.Headband and classic Lazy Wrap Bun This idea goes very fast, is practical and still loosens up the bun – just take an elastic hair band, these are available with stones, braids, stones and quite simply as mine.

You can find Heike’s Post here and you can find Nessa’s post on this topic here.

My favorite hairstyle is mostly the lower side parting, but I wear all variants very often. The next topic of wickerwork will be: 5 things that should not be missing in the holiday suitcase. I hope you enjoyed the post 🙂
Do you have ideas how to break up updos? How do you handle this in everyday life? Best regards, Louisa 🙂

 Hello Lovelies! If you are a long haired gal, then you will want to wear it in an up-do just because it is more convenient and you are protecting your hair from damage. It’s a nice and comfortable look – but you’re looking for something to do with it. Hazelnutblonde and hairdreamhairstyles.
1. Elegant Side-BUN Aubrey Organics Hairgel B5 or just plain aloe vera gel. Do a deep side part and smooth your hair. Put some coconut oil in your hair for extra shine and less frizz. Cinnamon and pin with your favorite hair accessory, I’m using a Mega Flexi in Multiarray of Colors. (my favorite! Can not have enough Flexis they are so handy!)
2. Messy Bun with romantic beaches
Pull some loose strands out of your hair and pull out the rest to a loose ponytail, twist them into a messy lacy wrap bun and secure with a hair stick. If you want to make a little buffat the top of your crown by twisting some strands and pinning them into a ponytail.
Resulta ng larawan para sa Wickerwork - Cooperation: Soften your Updos

3. Headband and classic lazy wrap bun
This is a very simple pretty look and wants to be done in just minutes. Just wear a simple elastic headband and a high bun. The elastic bands are available in different colors and styles with some sparkling stones, different braided bands and so on. I choose one that is similiar to my brown hair color.

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