Tutorial: How to Trim Your Own Hair

Tutorial: How to Trim Your Own Hair


Resulta ng larawan para sa trim your hair
Hello my dears! I trim my hair every month – so always today at the beginning of the month. I do not know any girlfriend who has not experienced it – you go to the hairdresser and want to lace section and 2 cm less hair – 30 min. later you leave the hair salon with 5-10 cm hair length less, a miserable, dissatisfied face and at 15-30 euros lighter. If you let your hair grow, these hairstyles are very well meant 10 cm less nearly the whole growth of a year.
 And if the hair is broken or not you should be able to decide for yourself without this decision being taken by a hairdresser. Of course, there are also absolutely wonderful hairdressers and hairdressers. But they are just rare. This method to which I created the collage is called trimming to Feye. At that time Feye wrote instructions for it. I’m trimming with the Crea Clip now . I already wrote something here .

 You need a good hairdressing scissors and a hair tie – nothing else. Comb your hair thoroughly and pull the crown you usually wear.


Resulta ng larawan para sa trim your hair


1. Tie your hair in the neck with a braid.
2. Grab behind your back and gently pull your hair elastic straight down your ponytail
3. Pull it until just before the end of your ponytail
4. Grab the plait without slipping the hair tie and pull it forward
5. Keep your tips between the middle and index fingers
6. Carefully cut off the tips with a pair of hair scissors in a straight line
Use a proper barber scissors, Jaguar has great hairdressing scissors. I have mine from a hairdressing shop. Good scissors you get from 30 euros upwards.

Today I trimmed 3 inches, normally I would only trim about 1 inch, but the Tangle Teezer Nightmare still shows its traces …


With my instructions you get a straight edge. If you want a U-Cut you can look past Heike .

How were your experiences with the hairdresser? Are you trimming yourself or do you have a barber of your trust?
Dearest greetings, Louisa.  
Hello Lovelies,
Cutting your own hair is easier than you would think. I have been cutting my hair for over three years now, using the method below that you can see in my tutorial. The original idea was invented by Feye. You want to save a lot of money and annoyance. 5 cm, she cut 20 cm of my formerly long long hair. I went out crying with 30 euros less and shoulder long layered hair. This was the last time I ever went to a hair dresser. What did you do so many things with it! -.- ‘



Start with combed hair, do your parting where you wear it the most. 1. Tie your hair back into your neck with an elastic. 2. Slowly and carefully move the elastic down your back 3. Move it down until you reach the end of your ponytail 4. Grab your ponytail from the back and bring it to the front. Be extremely careful not to move the position of the ponytail holder! 5. Grab your ends between index and middle finger 6. start cutting your hair in a straight line, be careful not to cut too much in the beginning, you can always cut more in the case of the ends or not straightly cut.
Right now I use the Crea clip to cut my hair. Before I Had the Crea Clip I have been cutting my hair for over a year, maintaing healthy ends is crucial. I always trim my hair at the first of every month. This time a trimmed a bit more, about 3 cm. Normally I would trim 1 cm. I want to trim a bit more – my hair is a little damaged because of my tangle teezer nightmare ..

Susan Oshea Author