Flechtwerk- Flower Power Spring Up- Hair Do’s

Flechtwerk- Flower Power Spring Up-Do’s

 Resulta ng larawan para sa flower power spring hair
Hello Lovelies! I hope all of you are enjoying spring time and spending as much time as possible outside! I am so excited for today’s post – flower power hairstyles! I love a simple braid or bun with pin in flowers. I think it is always a cute and romantic look without overdoing the bling. While taking the pictures I noticed that you can see my natural hair colour very well – I got a new camera for my birthday last week! I am still working on the manual focus sorry for the blurriness. I am excited how the girl’s hairstyles will look like! My bun is a messy wrap around bun with a dutch lace braid to soften the look. Have a look at the girl’s posts,  Heike, Nessa, Bobby, Wuscheline, Lenja. I just pinned in red poppy/bobby pins. I love the colour combination red, blue and white during summer! Reminds me of the sea and sailors somehow πŸ™‚ . You can get flower clips at H&M, Claire’s or do them on your own, like Rachel does here on this tutorial.

Resulta ng larawan para sa messy bun

Natural Hair Colour
And here is my natural hair colour! My own colour has  grown up to armpit length/ bra length depending on which layer you are looking. It is medium brown with lots of golden and red streaks in it! Who could have known that my own colour would be so nice! It was quite a surprise for me for sure ^^ I do miss my vibrant red henna though. But I always think that nothing is a beautiful as natural beauty. I am looking forward to go back to occasionally red tones with rinsable colourmousses. I really want to post a review about non-permanent red hair dyes which will help you also while you are growing out your colour. Hopefully in a few weeks πŸ™‚

growing out henna


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Flechtwerk – Leave In Recipes for long hair

Flechtwerk – Leave In Recipes for long hair


Hello Lovelies!  I hope you are all enjoying the sunlight and having a wonderful Summer. I have been swimming for the last couple of days and really enjoyed the amazing weather πŸ™‚ I have to apologize, I am having trouble with my Laptop so this post is coming to you through my Blogger App and I can’t link my recipes yet and not load all the pics I want. Bear with me I will fix that problem soon. 
fw leavein2
 I am a big fan of Leave In’s! I really always and forever have some kind of hair oil or hair cream in my ends and lengths. It protects your ends from split ends and nourishes between washes. My hair is naturally extremely dry and I do benefit a lot from Leave In Treatments ! Here my braid with a happy cat on the beach, the picture is just a phone pic but it is just too cute. Don’t know why some people don’t like cats! Currently there is lots of Alverde Hair Oil in my braid πŸ˜€ I know it does take some effort to use a leave in on a daily basis – but don’t let me come over here – you do want super long and healthy hair right? So be good and just do it. 

Alverde Hair Oil

Since I am really big on leave in’s there are lots of recipes already on my blog!

  • Sheabutter Hair Balm – my favourite during Winter time ❄️
  • Rosewater-leave in , lovely scent and refreshens curls!
  • Coc-aloe (50%aloe vera juice & coconut oil) extra moisture! Great for hairstyling and my go to in the morning – Post should be coming soon as well.
  • Hair oil ( I do love my Serum the most I have to say. I do admit that it is very expensive so why don’t you check out – Argan Oil as well ? My hair just soaks it right up! Then pure coconut or infused oil and almond oil) 


Leave In Routine  I wash my hair every 5-7 days and add a Leave In twice a day! Every morning I usually use some coc-aloe after I comb my hair and then braid or bun it. Every night as Part of my nighttime routine I use a heavier hair oil on dry hair, I use a small tablespoon and start at my ends working up to my shoulders. Then I braid my hair and by the next morning – voila ! Oil is soaked up and my hair is nourished and shiny! By the end of the week at wash day my hair is pretty full of Leave in! That’s why I use plain high quality organic oil – you don’t want Patene Chemicals or Silicone based hair oil build up for a week in your hair! 
When it does not work for you.. What can I do if I do look like a little grease ball after a Leave In?

  • First of all you might be doing what we all did once we discovered hair care and the magic of oils! Quantity is not always everything you might be over doing it. My hair is coarse up to my tighs and curly so I do use a tablespoon of hair oil but for normal haired gals a few drops are enough! It is about doing it regularly not over doing it. Then happened to me too we all ended up as a little grease ball from time to time. Just braid it and no one will see your oil party.
  • You might not find the right oil yet. Not every hair likes coconut oil. Some girls hair react with crunchiness! You need to try a few different oils. Look at my article about the top 5 best hair oils for some inspiration! Link is here. 
  • Your hair might want a different consistency. Try Aloe Vera Gel, Pure Sheabutter or Cocoabutter. 

I hope my little tips helped you a little, See the girls post under these links, I am so excited because our hair types could not have been more different! Our next topic will be multi braids! Yay! I wear braids 90% of the time so I am really glad to mix things up a little. wuscheline Heike Nessa Bobby Lenja

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Wickerwork: Long Hair & Care during winter

Wickerwork: Long Hair & Care during winter
Time for the monthly wickerwork post ! This time it’s about winter hair care. Heating air, scarves, rough hats Sweaters and cold are not a dream scenario when it comes to healthy long hair. Here are my tips so that you and your mane comes through the winter well!

1. Extra Care
The first point is perhaps the most important – most hair just needs a little more care than usual so they do not stick out electrically and are dehydrated by the heating air. Just take a rich Kondi and try it with CWC – that means first wet hair, then Kondi in the lengths, shampoo on the scalp – rinse and again Kondi in the hair. That’s a big difference! If your hair does not need so much care then try a prewash hair cure with Kondi and some coconut oil – leave to soak for 50/50 and 10 minutes and only rinse with shampoo. My tip is the Jason Kondi I introduced you last week.

2. Frizz and heating air
Are your hat, sweater and jacket taken off already one’s hair on the mountain oO Not the look we so aspire πŸ™‚ Simply wet the palms, some oil dripping on it (about 2-3 drops we do not want the same electric shock to the fryer go over) and stroking over the hair. If you are in the university or anywhere else where you can not even unpack the bottle of oil, you can also take some hair butter – pretend to cream your hands and stroke it over the hair: D. Never noticed jmd. Especially good is the Alverde hair butter . From time to time there are also special editions with other scents, the classic smells very nice of vanilla.

Resulta ng larawan para sa hair care products for men
3. Protect hair from the cold
When it gets cold, it’s best to protect your hair under a cap. So now I know that we all have a lot of hair and are on the way there and these are up to 60% of the time. And a cap and bun – that’s just difficult. Unless you take one that is on top – like my pompom on the picture at the top πŸ™‚ The color is not necessarily good for me and makes me pretty pale, but it consists of 100% pure new wool. Acrylic mixtures often cause the hair to be electrified – so it is better to use wool products. The Ultimate Solution, however, is a calorimetry πŸ™‚ This is a kind of headband that keeps you warm, but leaves the bun free. At the top of the picture you can see my petrol colors that I crocheted. Do you have two left hands or just no time then you can buy some here too .
I hope it is not necessary that you never never before with wet hair at the door! They can then freeze and it is clear that your hair does not find it great and the scalp layer completely warm when warming up. Incidentally, I do not even beautify my hair in winter – that means you have to plan the hair wash well and time it towards evening.

Here you can find the post of the other girls, I’m curious what they do differently in the winter! Our next post will be on 15 December and it’s about glitter and mica πŸ™‚
Heike Nessa Lenja Bobby Buzzella

By the way, you can see how cold it is here in Canada down on the snow! Best regards from North Bay, Zoey  Hello Lovelies!
It’s time for the monthly Wickerwork Post ! Hair care during the winter is a little different – heating, scarfs, bulky hats & beanies as well as the cold tend to be a little rough on the hair. Not exactly ideal conditions for having super long hair. Here my tips that will bring you through the cold but cozy season!

Extra Care Most hair types wants extra care during the winter. Deep moisturizing products. It is dried out and heated. Try a richer conditioner and give the CWC method a try. First wet all your hair, then apply conditioner from the tips up to your ears. Shampoo and soap your scalp while the conditioner is still protecting your lengths. Then rinse out at the same time. Follow with another round of conditioner. You will notice a big difference because of your lengths are protected! If your hair needs less try try Prewash Treatment . Use your favorite conditioner and the same amount of coconut oil. Apply on dry hair and let the mix sit for about half an hour. Rinse out and follow your usual routine. My favorite Condi at the moment is Jason’s Body Enhancing Conditioner.
2. Frizz and dry heating
As soon as you put your beanie, scarf and coat your hair does not want to cooperate but just get out of too much friction and cause a flattering frizz halo. Not exactly the look we are striving for. OO But wait there is help! Just wet your palms and apply 2-3 drops of your favorite oil and then subtly apply the mix onto the top of your hair. If you are in college or at university and you can not Necessarily pull out a little oil bottle without being arked as the weirdo of the month try a good body or hair butter! Act as if you are putting cream on your hand and then run through your hair. Nobody wants notice and your hair wants to be forever grateful ^^ My favorite is the Alverde Body Butter. Try an organic one to avoid a silicone layer. The Body Shop has a nice one as well as my friend is very fond of.


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How to grow healthy, long and beautiful hair. Holistic and Natural Living. DIY & Recipes

Resulta ng larawan para sa hair care
Hi, dear ones!
From time to time I buy regular Balea and Co products, but pretty soon I notice that my hair gets dry and spotty and loses its shine. No wonder if you read through what chemicals, plasticizers and alcohol extracts frolic there. Proper care? None. For some time now, I have been adding some oil to my shampoo bottles and condoms, making them richer and nourishing. The color can change from clear to trueb because the oil combines with the emulsifiers. The shelf life is not affected, but it may be that your shampoo is a little dehydrated, just shake something in front of each hair wash. I continue to dehydrate my shampoo as normal to the laundry. This tip I have from the American lhc.com. The hair will continue to be clean as normal, just more supple and shiny. It’s best to test it on a small amount and see how you get along. I give about 1 Essl. in my shampoo, but also a few drops have an effect – you can always do more. I like to add Arganoel, because it’s quite a while and every time you have this great care effect, but I have also had good experiences with coconut and olive oil.
I would be glad if you tell about your experiences. Do you do that for a while or are you more skeptical?
Best regards, Zoey.

————————————————– ————–
Hello Lovelies,
From time to time I tend to buy hair products. My hair becomes more dry, has less shine and splits more often. No wonder if you look at the ingredients – softeners, alcohol, perfume but no trace of real hair care. For about a year I am adding oil to my shampoo and conditioner to enrich the products and make them less harsh. I’m getting very good results and excited to share the news with you! The color of your shampoo can change from clear to solid because the shampoo and change the texture. The expiry date is not affected, but your shampoo might become slightly less. Just shake well before use. I am still diluting my shampoo as I would do with any shampoo. I read this tip on the lhc.com. And no worries, your hair wants to get clean and fresh, it just wants shinier and softer. If you want to try this I would recommend to mix it with oil and then see how you are doing. You can always add more oil, I usually add a table to a bottle. I like to use argan oil because it is such a high quality oil and a long load, so I got good results with coconut oil and olive oil.
I am curious about your experience, please keep me posted!
Love, Zoey.

Resulta ng larawan para sa hair care

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