Wickerwork – Cooperation: Soften your Up- Hair Do's

Wickerwork – Cooperation: Soften your Up-Do’s  Today, there is the third of our cooperation post with my two girls from the wickerwork 🙂 So beautiful and practical updos with changing hair accessories are – from the front, we usually all look the same, if the hair is pulled back tight, the Fraeulein Biedermeier look is […]

Tutorial: How to Trim Your Own Hair

Tutorial: How to Trim Your Own Hair   Hello my dears! I trim my hair every month – so always today at the beginning of the month. I do not know any girlfriend who has not experienced it – you go to the hairdresser and want to lace section and 2 cm less hair – […]

Empties : May

Empties : May Hello Lovelies, I have always liked Empties reviews about used up products and their final verdict. A friend just told me latey that there is not too much beauty content on my blog – so why not change it a little and start a new category. I will incorporate all beauty products […]

DIY Whipped Coconut Body Butter

Care: DIY Whipped Coconut Body Butter Shea cream is a classic very simple recipe that makes for a great body butter that is very easy to make and full of good ingredients. The original recipe comes from the Beauty Cosmos, a German self-drive page, where it is difficult to say exactly because it is extremely […]

Herbal Hair Conditioner Shikakai & Honey

Care: Herbal Hair Conditioner Shikakai & Honey Khadi’s Shikakai Conditioner is not what you usually expect from a conditioner, instead of detangling help you will get strengthened hair. The product is full of honey and shikakai as well as rheeta and jojoba oil. Honey is a natural humectant that attracts water and adds moisture to […]

How often should you shampoo?

How often should you shampoo?  The frequency of hair washing has a big impact on how healthy your hair is – every hair wash means stress for your hair and accumulated wrong washes can lead to brittle and dry hair that will easily break. Now here you should try to find a comfort zone – […]

Care: DIY Rosewater-Leave In Spray

Care: DIY Rosewater-Leave In Spray   Hello Lovelies! I have been crazy about roses lately, I am a real flower girl from fragrances to real flowers. So why not make your hair smell like roses and lavender? Especially if you need to use nearly all your products as fragrance free versions due to allergies like […]

Care: Amla Hair Oil Khadi

Care: Amla Hair Oil Khadi I am so happy about my newly found love for Indian Hair Care, Khadi Products and their Amla Hair Oil. It is not a big secret that I am a little hair oil junkie, I am always trying new oils. Check out my hair oil guide here. Using hair oil has […]

Flechtwerk: Funny Hair Stories

Flechtwerk: Funny Hair Stories   Hello Lovelies,  Today’s Flechtwerk topic is funny long hair stories ! As soon as your hair is a little longer than the average post shoulder length you will hear funny, nice and sometimes weird comments. I have a few day to day comments for you – I usually get these […]

How to grow out Hair Dyed with Henna

How to grow out Henna   Hello Lovelies! I love henna, I love the vibrant colours and the durability and nothing will make your hair as shiny and strong as henna. Unfortunately there might be a time you want to go back to your original hair colour. I always believe that true beauty lies in […]