How to grow out Hair Dyed with Henna

How to grow out Henna


Resulta ng larawan para sa hair henna

Hello Lovelies!

I love henna, I love the vibrant colours and the durability and nothing will make your hair as shiny and strong as henna. Unfortunately there might be a time you want to go back to your original hair colour. I always believe that true beauty lies in everything natural. So going back to my chestnut hair colour was always somewhere in the back of my mind. The last time I coloured my hair red was January 2012! It has been two years! My hair grows about 2 cm every month, which means my natural hair colour is about shoulder length now. It is a looong way to go! And it is easy to get frustrated and fed up on the way and relapse & colour your hair again. Here are some tips that helped me a lot on my way back to my natural hair colour.

1. Love your colour. 
Yes, that’s true – you need to be ok with your hair colour no matter what colour you have. Do you have ashy brown hair? Light blonde hair? Mousy brown or dark brown? Go to Pinterest (I love it!) and build an inspirational colour board. Every colour that grows out against a vibrant henna shade is bound to look mousy, grey boring and yes somehow not taken care of and oily. You need to be brave and trust that your own hair colour will look beautiful once it has grown a little more and you can see it’s beautiful colour shades. Every time you want to run to the drugstore and grab that bottle of hair die or mix your favourite henna recipe – be brave and look at your hair style inspiration board. You might be surprised to see how beautiful your colour is once it is visible. It also helps if you give a way your henna box and hair dyes to friends and family. It’s just less temptation to go back on a weak moment.
2. It is ok to cheat a little.


Resulta ng larawan para sa hair henna
The first 10 cm are the hardest. You don’t know why you have to look like a little skunk and anyway natural hair colour is overrated?! So it is ok if you do cheat once in a while. Go and buy rinsable colour mousse, one time colour enhancer, whatever you want. Just make sure that they are 100% rinsable to prevent resulting night mares! All the hair dyes I have used are 100% rinsable on my medium brown hair, but if your own hair colour is very light be aware that there might be a slight colour tinge left. I will list down my favourite products.
3. Go for a slight fading Embrace the ombre look 🙂 We are very fashionable right now. If your own contrast is very strong you might want to think about dying your hair with less red tones until you have a smooth fading colour that will not bother you too much. If you are using dark red henna, use medium red the next time, and the a brownish henna with red undertones until you are close enough to your own colour.
4. The 2 weeks rule Everytime you really want to go back to henna ir hair dye – take a break! Think about it for 2 weeks and if you are still strongly feeling about going back to red again then do it after two weeks. Chances are that you will change your mind soon and the regret any impulse decisions you might have done.

Susan Oshea Author