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Resulta ng larawan para sa hair care
Hi, dear ones!
From time to time I buy regular Balea and Co products, but pretty soon I notice that my hair gets dry and spotty and loses its shine. No wonder if you read through what chemicals, plasticizers and alcohol extracts frolic there. Proper care? None. For some time now, I have been adding some oil to my shampoo bottles and condoms, making them richer and nourishing. The color can change from clear to trueb because the oil combines with the emulsifiers. The shelf life is not affected, but it may be that your shampoo is a little dehydrated, just shake something in front of each hair wash. I continue to dehydrate my shampoo as normal to the laundry. This tip I have from the American The hair will continue to be clean as normal, just more supple and shiny. It’s best to test it on a small amount and see how you get along. I give about 1 Essl. in my shampoo, but also a few drops have an effect – you can always do more. I like to add Arganoel, because it’s quite a while and every time you have this great care effect, but I have also had good experiences with coconut and olive oil.
I would be glad if you tell about your experiences. Do you do that for a while or are you more skeptical?
Best regards, Zoey.

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Hello Lovelies,
From time to time I tend to buy hair products. My hair becomes more dry, has less shine and splits more often. No wonder if you look at the ingredients – softeners, alcohol, perfume but no trace of real hair care. For about a year I am adding oil to my shampoo and conditioner to enrich the products and make them less harsh. I’m getting very good results and excited to share the news with you! The color of your shampoo can change from clear to solid because the shampoo and change the texture. The expiry date is not affected, but your shampoo might become slightly less. Just shake well before use. I am still diluting my shampoo as I would do with any shampoo. I read this tip on the And no worries, your hair wants to get clean and fresh, it just wants shinier and softer. If you want to try this I would recommend to mix it with oil and then see how you are doing. You can always add more oil, I usually add a table to a bottle. I like to use argan oil because it is such a high quality oil and a long load, so I got good results with coconut oil and olive oil.
I am curious about your experience, please keep me posted!
Love, Zoey.

Resulta ng larawan para sa hair care

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