Herbal Hair Conditioner Shikakai & Honey

Care: Herbal Hair Conditioner Shikakai & Honey

Khadi’s Shikakai Conditioner is not what you usually expect from a conditioner, instead of detangling help you will get strengthened hair. The product is full of honey and shikakai as well as rheeta and jojoba oil. Honey is a natural humectant that attracts water and adds moisture to your hair. 
Let’s have a look at the incis:  Aqua٠Acacia concinna extract (Shikakai)٠Cetyl Alcohol٠Glyceryl Stearate SE٠Sapindus mukurossi peel extract (Reetha)٠Glyceryl Stearate٠Ceteareth-20٠Mel (Honig)٠Lanolin٠Parfum٠Glycerin٠Methylparaben٠Citric acid
Now once your hair is wet you apply the conditioner on your hair length – once in contact with water it gets very runny and you need to be careful not to drop it. After you applied it your hair will feel funny and kind of crunchy/hard. It will feel like straw and what the heck is happening here? :o) Don’t worry this is normal. After it dries it will be soft, shiny and manageable with lots of volume. I think the effect is due to the Shikakai – like henna it is an astringent. The fragrance is very strong and flowery sweet, if you like heavy oriental perfumes this is your conditioner. I normally prefer lighter fresher or more herbal smells. After your hair dries the fragrance will vanish though.
What do I think? Well I do like the effect but because my hair is very prone to knotting I do need more help detangling, that’s is why I prefer a conditioner with detangling benefits and not only pure care. Please note that this conditioner is not organic – it contains parabens. I think fine hair will benefit more from this conditioner than coarse hair like mine because you will really get lots if volume!

Susan Oshea Author