Gold and Glitter – Christmas Hair Do's

Gold and Glitter – Christmas Hair Do’s

Resulta ng larawan para sa Gold and Glitter - Christmas Hair Do's
Ficcare in large, primavera glittery & diamond aurora borrealis

The Holdiday season started and it is time to get dressed up and spend quality time with your family! If you need inspiration for your hair do – stay tuned for some ideas 🙂 Since our topic is gold and glitter, it is time to show you two new Ficcare Clips that fit the topic perfectly.They are both size large, the upper is a primavera glittery in gold and the lower is a diamond gold with aurora borealis. They are very very sparkly and I would only wear them on a special occassion like a dinner or night out . The aurora borrealis stones are multi-dimensional and have quite a rainbow effect, I tried to capture some in a close up! It was not easy but I think you can guess how they look like.



Resulta ng larawan para sa Gold and Glitter - Christmas Hair Do's

  • Be bold! Go for sparkle gold and glitter! If your outfit is simple or classic, spice up your hair with nice glittery hair accessories or flowers. I always like a deep burgundy red, emerald green and gold for colours. If you are a cooler type try silver jewellery with clear stones.
  • If you are wearing a fancy dress try to wear your hair a little more elegant like a low sock bun, or in a french twist/logroll if your hair is too long.
  • Bring out the pearls! They are an absolute classic and a must have for every women. Classic family gatherings are a nice opportunity to wear simple and elegant pearl studs. Use some pearls you put on bobby pins as shown in this amazing tutorial and pin them around your bun.
  • Or follow my tutorial below and wear a low cinnamon with accent braids 🙂 




Resulta ng larawan para sa Gold and Glitter - Christmas Hair Do's

  • Part your hair on both sides behind the ear, tie the rest into a low ponytail
  • Twist your bun into a round shape and secure with a ficcare clip or bobby pins
  • braid both sides, either normal english braids or lace braids
  • cross the accent braids top of your bun,
  • then bring them under the bun and secure them with bobby pins
  • Voila – enjoy!


Susan Oshea Author