Herbal Hair Conditioner Shikakai & Honey

Care: Herbal Hair Conditioner Shikakai & Honey

Khadi’s Shikakai Conditioner is not what you usually expect from a conditioner, instead of detangling help you will get strengthened hair. The product is full of honey and shikakai as well as rheeta and jojoba oil. Honey is a natural humectant that attracts water and adds moisture to your hair. 
Let’s have a look at the incis:  Aqua٠Acacia concinna extract (Shikakai)٠Cetyl Alcohol٠Glyceryl Stearate SE٠Sapindus mukurossi peel extract (Reetha)٠Glyceryl Stearate٠Ceteareth-20٠Mel (Honig)٠Lanolin٠Parfum٠Glycerin٠Methylparaben٠Citric acid
Now once your hair is wet you apply the conditioner on your hair length – once in contact with water it gets very runny and you need to be careful not to drop it. After you applied it your hair will feel funny and kind of crunchy/hard. It will feel like straw and what the heck is happening here? :o) Don’t worry this is normal. After it dries it will be soft, shiny and manageable with lots of volume. I think the effect is due to the Shikakai – like henna it is an astringent. The fragrance is very strong and flowery sweet, if you like heavy oriental perfumes this is your conditioner. I normally prefer lighter fresher or more herbal smells. After your hair dries the fragrance will vanish though.
What do I think? Well I do like the effect but because my hair is very prone to knotting I do need more help detangling, that’s is why I prefer a conditioner with detangling benefits and not only pure care. Please note that this conditioner is not organic – it contains parabens. I think fine hair will benefit more from this conditioner than coarse hair like mine because you will really get lots if volume!

How often should you shampoo?

How often should you shampoo?

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The frequency of hair washing has a big impact on how healthy your hair is – every hair wash means stress for your hair and accumulated wrong washes can lead to brittle and dry hair that will easily break. Now here you should try to find a comfort zone – washing less and less is the best for your hair, but you also need to feel comfortable and confident with your hair.  Feeling like a little grease ball will not help here. Trust me all done before 😀 The fell into a frying pan look is not a confidence booster. How long you can go in-between washes depends on your hair and skin type as well. My skin and hair are extremely dry so if I want I can wash my hair every 10 days. If you have fine hair it will appear greasy quicker. Curly hair is very forgiving and can go long in-between washes. BTW some people actually never wash their hair. It is called No-Wash Method. 

How to start

  • First you need to figure out how often you are washing your hair. Every day? Try every second day! If you can’t do that during the week try ti give your hair a rest at the weekend. Writing down when you wash can help you keep track of your progress. 
  • Try to plan important events accordingly. My hair looks absolutely horrible directly after washing it, it looks best on it’s second day so I always try to wash a day before an important event. 
  • Are you washing your hair the right way? Are you rubbing your scalp? That’s just asking for oil! Dilute you shampoo. Use a water can or an empty bottle and just a few drops of shampoo. You will be amazed by the amount of soap! Let the water run over your scalp and let it gently sit for 2 minutes. Harsh shampoo can strip your hair from it’s natural oils completely and activate the oil production as a counter reaction.
  • Wear your hair in a pretty and hair friendly up-do when you are in between washes. Try not to pull all your hair back very tightly though – this will just show not so fresh hair. A loose side part is a better idea.
  • Use baby powder on a big make up brush and gently tap you temples , brush out directly. All oil gone 🙂 If you are dark haired like me use cacao powder or translucent power to avoid a greyish tinge.
  • Use a cup of destilled water and 6 drops of pure lavender oil , mix in a spray bottle and refresh your volume and add a clean fragrance in between.

I hope my little ticks can help you 🙂 As always growing hair super long is more a thing about not doing things! than anything else. I am washing my hair every 5 days, simply because I like to wash it and even if it does not get oily a fresh smell is very important for me.
How often do you shampoo? Do you wish to shampoo less or do you think washing has nothing to do with healthy hair?
Love, Zoey.

Care: DIY Rosewater-Leave In Spray

Care: DIY Rosewater-Leave In Spray


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Hello Lovelies! I have been crazy about roses lately, I am a real flower girl from fragrances to real flowers. So why not make your hair smell like roses and lavender? Especially if you need to use nearly all your products as fragrance free versions due to allergies like me :/ BTW if there is interest I can do a post about hypoallergenic skincare. I am sadly a skin professional now. Here we go with this simple and easy leave-in spray. The original spray was again inspired by Mata’s mix from the LHN.

What you need:


  • empty spray bottle (flower spray bottle/an empty bottle from deodorant/ previous detangled sprays!)
  • half a cup of distilled water
  • 1 teaspoon of glycerin ( you can buy a small bottle at the pharmacy)
  • half a cup of rose water (buy here or check your well stocked super-market at baking supplies)
  • 2-3 drops of pure lavender essential oil
  • 6 drops of almond oil

How to:

  1. Mix water and rosewater
  2. add glycerin and almond oil – shake well
  3. add lavender oil!

That’s it! It is a great hair-refreshener, if your hair is super dry you can increase the amount of oil. I am currently using about a tablespoon because my ends got super dry from the winter heat. It smells very floral and heavenly fresh and will last you a few weeks because the glycerin acts as a preservative. It can act as a skin toner at the same time btw! Shake well before you use it to dilute the oil evenly. If your hair needs more volume you can add hydrolyzed silk protein. Just about 5 drops, or even keratin drops. 

Care: Amla Hair Oil Khadi

Care: Amla Hair Oil Khadi

I am so happy about my newly found love for Indian Hair Care, Khadi Products and their Amla Hair Oil. It is not a big secret that I am a little hair oil junkie, I am always trying new oils. Check out my hair oil guide here. Using hair oil has been one of the biggest discoveries for me after I started to look into (natural) hair care and care for my naturally extremely dry tresses. I does make the biggest difference in growing your hair! If you are a little lazy and thinking a few drops here and there will not make a difference don’t let me come over with a bottle of coconut oil(!) – because actually there will be a huge difference on how healthy and shiny your hair is. ‘nough said. 
I wrote a little bit about Amla here and how to wash your hair with dried alma powder while benefitting from lots of volume and shine.  

Amla Hair Oil:
Ingredients (INCI): Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Oil) · Emblica Officinalis (Amla) · Eclipta Alba (Bringaraj) · Bacopa monniera (Brahmi) · Cyperus rotundus (Nagarmootha) · Symplocos racemosa (Lodhra) · Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi) · Azadirachta indica (Neem) · Sesamum indicum (Sesame) · Cinnamomum camphora (Camphor) · Lawsonia inermis (Henna) · Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Almond Oil) ·Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
As you can see the main carrier oil is sunflower oil and almond oil. Infused herbs are Amla, Bringaraj, Brahmi, Tulsi, Neem, Camphor and Henna as well as a little Vitamin E to keep it from getting bad too quickly.  So basically you get the full power of indian herbal goodies all in one bottle! You need to shake the bottle well before usage and the colour is a purplish dark brown. I know that when it comes to Khadi products the opinions rage widely – you either love their scent or you hate it. I personally adore the fragrance! I was afraid that it would be a sickly sweet smell but nope – very yummy herbs. A little fresh and musky. The best thing is that I don’t get an allergic reaction! I am very sensitive when it comes to scents. 
As you can see from the picture above, I have been using quite a bit of alma oil – basically as a prewash deep oil hair mask on my scalp and length for 30 min – 2 h before my hair wash. The picture below is purely for your amusement with one of my acrylic hair sticks and my prewash hair oil mask :o) Let is soak for a while. The effect it had on my scalp was very calming and my hair became very soft. When used on dry hair the oil got absorbed easily into my ends. I love this product and I wish I had ordered all their hair oils! I would categorise the oil as a medium to heavy oil. 


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The most important thing : I have less hair loss now! I am not sure if it was due to a more healthy scalp or if the alma actually activated something at my roots but I am really glad I am loosing less hair now. The first two weeks nothing happened, but now I am in my 4th week and noticed significantly less hair fall out. Give it a try – the least benefit you will get is shiny hair :o) I was not too sure about it when I ordered so I am pleasantly surprised. 

Flechtwerk: Funny Hair Stories

Flechtwerk: Funny Hair Stories

fw ank gbyl


Hello Lovelies,  Today’s Flechtwerk topic is funny long hair stories ! As soon as your hair is a little longer than the average post shoulder length you will hear funny, nice and sometimes weird comments. I have a few day to day comments for you – I usually get these as soon as I wear my hair down. I alss wrote a blogpost some time ago about a similiar topic here.
1. Cuties Little girls around the age of 5 staring at me in the underground. The cutest comment was : “You have princess hair! “This one was so adorable! The lottle girls had fine blond hair and wearing pink from head to toe.
2. Daily  The number one question; “How long did it take to grow your hair?” It took me about three years from BSL to classic length with monthly trimms. Girls always look amazed and tell me  that they are growing their ( bleached, blow dried, straightend) hair for 5 years and nothing happens. Thanks to coconut oil, henna and natural hair care!
3. Funny  Some comments are just a little silly. E.g. “How long does it take to do a braid ? Do you do your braid every day?” Ehm yes 5 seconds and yes ^^. And then : “Your hair is really long ! ” well it is really long . I just nod and smile to this one. It is like saying you are really thin/ fat/ grey/ blond/ black/tall. Not very nice and not very mean – just a little awkward moments while you nod. What do you do when you get these comments?


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How to grow out Hair Dyed with Henna

How to grow out Henna


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Hello Lovelies!

I love henna, I love the vibrant colours and the durability and nothing will make your hair as shiny and strong as henna. Unfortunately there might be a time you want to go back to your original hair colour. I always believe that true beauty lies in everything natural. So going back to my chestnut hair colour was always somewhere in the back of my mind. The last time I coloured my hair red was January 2012! It has been two years! My hair grows about 2 cm every month, which means my natural hair colour is about shoulder length now. It is a looong way to go! And it is easy to get frustrated and fed up on the way and relapse & colour your hair again. Here are some tips that helped me a lot on my way back to my natural hair colour.

1. Love your colour. 
Yes, that’s true – you need to be ok with your hair colour no matter what colour you have. Do you have ashy brown hair? Light blonde hair? Mousy brown or dark brown? Go to Pinterest (I love it!) and build an inspirational colour board. Every colour that grows out against a vibrant henna shade is bound to look mousy, grey boring and yes somehow not taken care of and oily. You need to be brave and trust that your own hair colour will look beautiful once it has grown a little more and you can see it’s beautiful colour shades. Every time you want to run to the drugstore and grab that bottle of hair die or mix your favourite henna recipe – be brave and look at your hair style inspiration board. You might be surprised to see how beautiful your colour is once it is visible. It also helps if you give a way your henna box and hair dyes to friends and family. It’s just less temptation to go back on a weak moment.
2. It is ok to cheat a little.


Resulta ng larawan para sa hair henna
The first 10 cm are the hardest. You don’t know why you have to look like a little skunk and anyway natural hair colour is overrated?! So it is ok if you do cheat once in a while. Go and buy rinsable colour mousse, one time colour enhancer, whatever you want. Just make sure that they are 100% rinsable to prevent resulting night mares! All the hair dyes I have used are 100% rinsable on my medium brown hair, but if your own hair colour is very light be aware that there might be a slight colour tinge left. I will list down my favourite products.
3. Go for a slight fading Embrace the ombre look 🙂 We are very fashionable right now. If your own contrast is very strong you might want to think about dying your hair with less red tones until you have a smooth fading colour that will not bother you too much. If you are using dark red henna, use medium red the next time, and the a brownish henna with red undertones until you are close enough to your own colour.
4. The 2 weeks rule Everytime you really want to go back to henna ir hair dye – take a break! Think about it for 2 weeks and if you are still strongly feeling about going back to red again then do it after two weeks. Chances are that you will change your mind soon and the regret any impulse decisions you might have done.