Care: How to Wash Your Hair with Amla

Care: How to Wash Your Hair with Amla
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Today was the day – my bath was a small mud puddle, my head is full of Kraeuterkruemmel and smells of forest and leaves. Right the first Alma hair wash is done! I am totally thrilled and hope that you are soon: D First of all a bit of background knowledge. What is Amla and why should it be used instead of the very comfortable shampoo from a plastic bottle that smells so wonderfully of peach and keeps the hair silky smooth?

* Today was the day! My bathroom looks like a little puddle of mud, my head is full of little pieces and smells like a musky walk in the forrest. I washed my hair with amla – an indian herb. I am over the moon with the results and the whole process and hope you will be too in a while. Let’s start with a little know how about amla and why you should consider using it instead of regular shampoo that comes conveniently in a plastic bottle and smells like peaches. *


is also called Indian gooseberry and looks like this . It has antiviral and antimicrobial effects. Especially good if you have sensitive scalp and tend to inflammation. Dried and processed into a paste, it is very suitable for hair washing and also cares for the hair. It prevents hair loss and also graying. Therefore, beware of blond hair. It is great for dark, brown or red hair as it increases the color intensity. It provides shine and also strengthens hair roots and hair shaft.

* Amla is also called indian gooseberry. It has antiviral and antimicrobial effects, preventing infections of the scalp, strengthens roots and prevents hair loss. It enhances color, so be careful with blonde hair. It is a natural hair cleanser when mixed to a paste. It gives the hair shine and strength. *


Washing hair with Amla:

First of all – of course, the laundry takes a bit, you have to prepare the paste and take a little time for it. The more often you wash the harder it can be. I only wash once a week and I really enjoy hair care, you can put it in a little beauty ritual and make a facial mask, make a mask, paint feet and fingernails, make a hair oil treatment with coconut oil first and then have the Amla Mix powder.

* Just so that you know, of course it takes a little longer to wash your hair with Amla than your regular shampoo, you need to prepare the mix and rinse well. The more often you wash the more difficult it can be. I only wash once a week at the moment and I enjoy hair care a lot. You can start to look after your face with a facial peel and deep moisturizer, paint toes and fingernails, and apply a coconut oil mask while you’re mixing the alma powder. *

  • Approximately 3 tablespoons Mix the amla powder with 200 ml of boiling water in a heat-resistant bowl.
  • Min. 2 h or better overnight (I’ve done so) can stand so that everything can well swell.
  • Wet the hair and then massage the paste into the scalp and lenghts. I just took the bowl with me, but next time I fill it all up with an empty shampoo bottle.
  • Do not be surprised – it is a bit grainy and strange. Just continue to massage and pretend to use shampoo.
  • Tie hair up for 3-5 minutes with a water-resistant hair stick and let it work.
  • Rinse with plenty of warm, clear water.
  • That’s it – let it dry in the air and comb now and then! The hair feels very voluminous and only very hard when they are wet – when dry, they are soft and shiny.



Soft extremely voluminous thick hair. Color is a bit stronger than before, so more coppery with me (remember that I have recently tinted). Hair and scalp are well-groomed and the scalp is not stretched. In addition, they have become totally clean! I had day-7 hair – so they were really oily and I had already put in a bit of khadi rose oil. My biggest fear that they will not clean has not been confirmed 🙂 – but see for yourself. However, the drying time has extended and you have to be careful when combing because you have no more smoothing in your hair. After washing I added about 1 teaspoon of Amla oil because it was really too much volume. Incidentally, Alma Pulver smells really good – after leaves and trees!

* Results were very strong thick tresses. The color is a little stronger than before, but keep in mind that I toned my hair recently. Hair and scalp are feeling happy and hydrated. And my biggest concern: do you want to get clean ?? What’s not fulfilled, my hair is squeaky clean and i had day-7 oily hair with a little of Khadi Rose Oil in as well. The time my hair took to dry was a little longer than usually and you need to be careful during combing! No artificial smoothing help left in your hair. The smell is really nice – it is a woody natural smell just like forest trees and very pleasant. My ends were a little to volumized for my taste so I put about a teaspoon of alma oil in as well. *


Susan Oshea Author